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    Why you should use a toner – and the best one for your skin type

    Cleanse, tone and moisturise…the first and last are pretty self-explanatory, but what’s the deal with toner I hear you ask?  If you believe everything you read, you may think toning is a waste of time and money, or, that it can fix every single problem you’ve ever had.  Enlarged pores, breakouts, dryness and flaking, redness, hyperpigmentation – does it really do all of the above?  The jury appears to be confused. The main point of using toner is to balance the pH of your skin after cleansing.  Your skin has an acid mantle (a very fine film, secreted by sebaceous glands, on the surface of the skin forming part of the…

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    Emergency Breakout Control

    Murphy’s Law states, among other things, that just when you need it least (before a big job interview, important date or social event) your skin will breakout in a bout of acne like you’re 15 again. I don’t know about you, but unfortunately this tendency didn’t end with my teens and can present a complex problem when simultaneously trying to waylay the signs of ageing.  Apparently when you hit the wrong side of 25, preventative eye creams and serums etc become a must – which can be a disaster if your skin refuses to acknowledge you’ve entered a new phase of your life. So the giant spot is here already,…

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    What to drink for better skin – 4 key changes to make for your prettiest skin ever

    We have all heard the mantra “hydrate” when it comes to glowing skin. However that is usually as far as most of us think when it comes to drinking as a means to improve our skin. And yes, of course hydration is key – dehydrated skin not only looks older, duller and appears to have more fine lines and wrinkles, it is also tricky to even pretend to improve this with make up. Those of you who struggle with evenly applying make up the morning after the night before know exactly what I’m talking about (those who do not struggle are clearly genetically blessed, under 22 and can stop reading…

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    Beautiful Skin Basics

    Clear skin, young skin, tanned skin, porcelain skin; what is it that makes for beautiful skin? The answer differs vastly depending on where in the world you ask, but one quality that is universally appreciated is healthy skin.  We all tend to look (and feel) our best when our skin is healthy.   It can be a pretty accurate reflection of how healthy your body is, as it is one of the first things to deteriorate when you feel unwell, stressed, or have just not been looking after yourself.  The skin is a complex organ that is affected by everything from hormones to eating habits – so where do you even…