• wheat free bread: porridge bread
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    A recipe for wheat free bread

    I started 2017 by sleeping through midnight and dosing myself up with cough syrup and paracetamol, due to being the 7th person I know to go under with the flu…not exactly hitting the ground running like I had planned.  So while I’m eating all the chocolate that’s left in the house (how else is it going to disappear so I can start this “new year, new me” sh*te?), I decided to bake some porridge bread to keep me on the somewhat straight and narrow for the rest of the week. There are numerous “porridge bread” recipes out there, as a quick Google search will show, however this is the one my dad…

  • porridge bread: the benefits of giving up gluten
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    3 things that happened when I gave up wheat

    Gluten-free is everywhere these days, and has been credited with curing almost any ailment you can find – ranging from controversial claims to downright crazy things.  Wheat is our primary source of gluten, as many people do not really consume extensive amounts of other gluten-containing grains like barley or rye.  A gluten-free diet is essential for anyone with coeliac disease or a true allergy to gluten and wheat, and it really is wonderful how awareness has grown over the last 10 years, improving the quality of life for many people.  However, it has also become fashionable to denounce this naturally occurring protein, and many of those jumping on the bandwagon…