• how to guide for double cleansing
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    The expert’s guide to cleansing your face

    Washing your face…simple and straightforward, right?  Yes, but you may be doing more damage than you realise – I know I was.  Oil cleansing, double cleansing, facial sponges, cleansing brushes – where does one even begin?  There are also a multitude of products just to confuse the matter even more!  After a bit of research (and self-experimentation) I think I have finally got this all figured out.  Double-cleansing is the latest buzz in the beauty world – and it is the only way to remove makeup with spf or suncream properly.  I just use Dermalogica’s Precleanse first thing in the morning, but for an end-of-day cleanse I follow the steps…

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    Why you should use a toner – and the best one for your skin type

    Cleanse, tone and moisturise…the first and last are pretty self-explanatory, but what’s the deal with toner I hear you ask?  If you believe everything you read, you may think toning is a waste of time and money, or, that it can fix every single problem you’ve ever had.  Enlarged pores, breakouts, dryness and flaking, redness, hyperpigmentation – does it really do all of the above?  The jury appears to be confused. The main point of using toner is to balance the pH of your skin after cleansing.  Your skin has an acid mantle (a very fine film, secreted by sebaceous glands, on the surface of the skin forming part of the…

  • The Daily Glow | Magnesium and Muscle Relaxation
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    Clear skin: the 3 supplements you should be taking for acne

    The essentials for spot-free skin Call it what you want: acne, spots, blemishes – no matter what type it is or how regularly or infrequently you suffer from it, not having clear skin can send your confidence plummeting. There is an endless list of things to avoid that supposedly set off a breakout, and I’ve discussed some of them here, but what about being proactive and preventing a flare-up before it even begins?  I’ve tried everything and anything that has a proven or not-so-proven effect on your skin, and I’ve whittled the vital nutrients down to 3 simple supplements that can help prevent every type of blemish crisis. Skin Accumax…