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    The 5 best face masks for glowing skin

    My obsession with skin care runs to the extreme end of the spectrum when it comes to face masks, but not every mask is made equal – and some can do more harm than good. There are enough masks available to confuse the most seasoned skin care addict, and some target skin function in longer term, while others are ideal prep hours before a big event. I’ve put together a list of my top 5, to deal with the most common skin complaints.   Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque: just like Ronseal, this one does exactly what it says on the tin.  Post-exams, post-festival or during wedding season, this one will…

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    The best supplements for glowing skin

    While I do try and follow a healthy diet for the most part (weekly Wow burger habit not withstanding), and I don’t believe you should be too reliant on supplements, there are a few things I find hard to get enough of solely from food – and really recommend for that added glow.  And, with Black Friday approaching, it’s not a bad time to stock up on them.   Fish oils and omega 3 So what’s the deal with the omegas?  Do you need 3, 6 and 9?  No. Omega 9 is not classed as an essential fatty acid (which means your body can make it from other things), but you do…

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    Free ways to improve your skin

    November is a funny month.  In between the “back-to-school-and-normal-life” feeling of September, and just before the festive season kicks of properly, it tends to be one of the quieter months of the year and one for saving or getting started on Christmas shopping (those of you who are so organised, I wish I could say I was one of you, I salute you).  Whichever way you look at it, it’s never really a “treat yo’self” or yolo month – so I’ve put together a list of ways you can get your glow back in time for the festive season, without spending a penny.   1.  Take your make up off,…

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    Are your hands giving you away?

    Anti-ageing treatments and complaints about skin, and fine lines and wrinkles tend to be primarily focused on the face, and while this can certainly give your age away (while draining your confidence), another tell tale area can be just as obvious…but tends to get forgotten very easily – your hands. The skin on your hands may be thicker than that on your face (the delicate skin under your eye can be as thin as 0.3mm), but it tends to be subjected to far worse treatment, and can end up looking quite mismatched, especially if you’re taking good care of your face.  Just like your face, your hands are usually exposed…

  • The Daily Glow | 5 things a dermatologist would never do
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    5 things a dermatologist would never do

    I am most certainly not a dermatologist…but you may have realised I am obsessed with skin and skin care, and have been lucky enough attend postgraduate training run by some excellent derma, with decades of experience (and never require caffeine of any nature to stay wide awake and attentive for the entire course – dentistry would have been a hell of a lot easier if I’d had the same passion in university!). I recently had some training in Obagi Medical skincare, and having started using the products myself, it’s safe to say I am obsessed.  If you haven’t heard of it, Obagi Medical is a line of medical grade skincare (prescription only)…

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    Beauty sleep – how to get the most out of your night

    An ever-so-slightly compulsive multitasker, I love being able to get things done while doing something else (clearly I’m aiming for “coolest person the year” 2017 to add to my 2016 accolade).  So breakfasts I can bake while I’m out running, or decent face masks that I can wear while flying (without freaking fellow passengers out – I mean the ones that look like moisturiser when they’re on) have a special place in my heart.  Following on from my non-resolution of getting up on time, while I am actually asleep, I like to get as much out of the hours after sunset as I can. Invest in silk I have already…

  • skin clearing series part 5: treatment of scarring and hyperpigmentation
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    Skin Clearing Series: Part 5 – treatment of scarring and hyperpigmentation

    Apologies for the delay in finishing this series, but work, college and celebrating Ireland’s recent sporting achievements have all been a bit distracting – but finally, here is the last in the Skin Clearing Series.  One of the supposed benefits of growing older, and dealing with adult problems (like rent, career decisions, and deciding whether or not wine constitutes a food group), is the clearing up of acne.  This may not always be the case, which is why I wrote this series, and sometimes the after affects of scarring and patches of hyperpigmentation can be as frustrating and confidence-defeating as the initial spots.  I’ve already discussed how to avoid hyperpigmentation, but…

  • winter skincare tips
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    Winter Skin Prep: 4 tips to glow your way through the festive season

    Halloween (and the jazz weekend) are behind us, so it is 26 days until Christmas FM goes live, and totally acceptable to start planning for silly season!  Winter is not aways the most extreme experience in Ireland (aside from the “Big Freeze” in 2010, followed by what felt like endless flooding) but there is a big enough change to warrant reassessing your skincare routine if you’d like to avoid dry, flaking, grey skin… Moisturise like it’s going out of fashion Simple and straightforward, but you’d be surprised how easily people forget to switch to a heavier day cream or more moisturising foundation until after dry, flaky patches appear.  Nip this one…

  • skin clearing series part 4: medications for acne
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    Skin Clearing Series: part 4 – medications

    Medications that target acne are divided into two camps – topical medications that you apply to your skin, and medications you take on a daily basis. I’ve touched on the topicals before – benzoyl peroxide and prescription retinols are also joined by antibiotics and can be prescribed by a dermatologist.  These can be useful for anyone that is still seriously struggling to keep breakouts at bay, despite cleaning up their diet and skin care/hygiene.  Unfortunately, even prescription skincare may still not be enough for everyone, but there are more hardline treatments available if your skin is making you want to hide under your duvet for the foreseeable future. Oral Antibiotics…

  • skin clearing series - skincare routine
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    Skin Clearing Series: Part 1 – skincare routine

    Thank you so much for all the messages, insta-tags and snaps I’ve received so far about thedailyglow.ie, I have truly been overwhelmed (and cried a few happy tears) – I’m so delighted you’ve enjoyed reading, and appreciate every single request for more info – keep them coming! The most popular request I’ve had is for acne targeted treatment, and I promised here that it was coming this week.  Due to my own experiences and my OCD-like appetite for information on the causes and treatments related to acne, I’ve actually broken this down into a 5 part series: skincare routine, diet, lifestyle, medications and treating the scarring that can follow acne,…