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Turmeric and vitamin C smoothie to fight off the flu

Is there anyone out there that is not actually sick? Seriously?  I thought I would have avoided it, due to a combination of not doing the dog on it over the festive season, and having the flu vaccine all the way back in October.  Nope, aches and pains, feeling light-headed and sniffling, with a mo’fo of a sore throat to top it off…even though perhaps it would be worse without said vaccine?  Who knows, and right now I don’t care, I just want to feel better.


We’ve all heard the classic advice, fluids, rest and paracetamol…but what if that’s just not cutting it?  Vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B – check.  After gargling water until drowning seems a realistic possibility, and genuinely considering swallowing an entire tube of the topical anaesthetic in work, I found some other ways to soothe my symptoms.

Turmeric and Vitamin C smoothie | The Daily Glow

  1. Liquid chlorophyll

I’ve mentioned this before in relation to acne and clear skin, and the brand I’d recommend is Nature’s Sunshine, usually available from Here’s Health, or your local health food store might be able to order it in for you.  Chlorophyll is a great all round detoxer (hello there, January) but also really good to soothe a sore throat – and diluted in water, it’s another way to up your much needed fluid intake. The Nature’s Sunshine version tastes nice and isn’t as concentrated as some brands, which means it shouldn’t stain you teeth (some of them are really thick and dark).  I add a tablespoon to a 2L bottle that I keep in the fridge to drink throughout the day, and will have a few glasses with a half a teaspoon to treat a sore throat on top of that.  It has a really nice cooling effect and I have yet to get sick of the taste (can’t say as much for cough syrup).


Turmeric and Vitamin C smoothie | The Daily Glow

2.  Tea tree oil

A blocked nose can really benefit from facial steaming (especially if your hearing has become affected) and I like to add tea tree oil to the bowl – which will not only help clear your sinuses, but  is also great for any skin breakouts.  Another way to do this is the get yourself an oil diffuser – I have a water based one in work that helps my surgery not smell like the dentist (which can help with nervous patients) and humidifies the air, helping both my sinuses and skin to function better (air conditioning can be a nightmare for both).  Not too sure where my diffuser came from, as it was a present, but you can easily find some online.

Turmeric and Vitamin C smoothie | The Daily Glow


3. Turmeric

Currently in fashion, mainly for it’s anti-inflammatory effects, I’ve written about its benefits before.  Not only is it anti-inflammatory, but turmeric also has anti-microbial properties.  I have turmeric with hot water, lemon and ginger most days, but while run down I looked to up the dose somewhat – and this smoothie was the result:

1 x banana

1 x t1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric

1 x small knob ginger, peeled

1 can of coconut milk (I use the full fat version, but either should work)

Handful of raspberries

Juice of 1/3 of a lemon

Turmeric and Vitamin C smoothie | The Daily Glow

Blend together and serve with your favourite netflix series and a box of tissues.  Have you also been struck down with the flu?  I’d love to hear any tips you have for fighting it off, and if you try any of the above – I hope they help!

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Travel tips – keep your glow at 36,000 feet

In the last few months I’ve been over and back to London like a yoyo,  and up and down the motorway between Cork and Dublin more often than I can count, along with conferences and other events…so I am officially an expert at hand luggage and packing last minute (as despite my best intentions, last minute is always how it ends up).

Generally for short trips, clothes are not an issue – and if they are, I am definitely not the expert (I wear pyjamas,  aka scrubs,  for a living), but when you are limited to a single 1 litre plastic bag and 100ml bottles, cosmetics and the like certainly are.   Added onto this is the dehydrating effects of flying, the lost sleep that usually accompanies frequent travel and the less-than-ideal diet that seems to be my main travel companion (chips and hot chocolate for dinner, anyone?).

So, what can one do to ensure every trip, be it for work or leisure, doesn’t completely mess with your healthy lifestyle?  Because I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to have a cheat meal (cheat weekend, realistically) I’d like to spend it having fun with my friends or at a festival – not in the lounge at Gatwick airport.


Hydrate – inside and out

Easier said than done, but probably the most important factor.  Most of us don’t drink enough water as it is, and our digestive systems, skin and mental clarity can all be noticeably affected by this – especially when you’re then surrounded by air conditioning and heating all the time.  If I have an early flight I will always go to bed with a pint of water beside my bed, to be drunk on waking (before bed is  not the most ideal time, unless you’d also like to add bathroom trips to your reasons for lack of sleep).  I drink a green smoothie before I leave the house with flaxseed oil, cucumber and coconut water in it (among other things – those three on their own are not the most appealing thing to drink), and keep a dioralyte or two in my travel bag.

Travel Tips | The Daily Glow

Coconut oil is my go-to body moisturiser, and always make an effort to put some on the morning of a flight (just watch your clothes, especially if you’re wearing silk – you need to give it a few minutes to dry).  Elizabeth Arden’s iconic 8 hour cream really is all it’s cracked up to be when it comes to moisturising – fantastic for lips, cuticles and any dry patches, so along with a hand moisturiser from L’Occitan, I always have one in my travel bag.

Coffee and wine are both dehydrating, but seeing as I’m a shadow of myself without coffee, and CityJet offer a a complimentary glass of wine on their evening flights (I’m not realistically going to turn that down on a Friday evening), I’ve resigned myself to just working harder and hydrating myself and embracing the perks of flying with someone other than Ryan Air.

Travel Tips | The Daily Glow

Buy a silk eye mask

I’ve discussed my love of silk eye masks before, you can get mine on Amazon – and even if you have no trouble nodding off at night, you might want one for frequent travel.  Along with a pair of ear plugs, a comfortable eye mask is essential for catching up on lost hours of sleep on the train, bus or plane – especially if you’re lucky enough to be sitting near a few kids.  Even if I’m only away for the day, the evening light home can be ideal for a half hour snooze, so I always bring my eye mask in my handbag.



Tim Ferris will famously go to the hotel gym shortly after touching down, even if his flight gets in at 2am – because he finds his jet lag, and the general “post-flight feeling” hugely reduced if he does so.  Now I am definitely not quite as committed to the cause (yet, at any rate) but wearing runners flying and trying to get some decent walking in shortly after landing helps me feel a little more normal (and tends not to be an issue in London, as there’s plenty of walking to be done anyway).  If I’m away for a couple of days I’ll always bring my running gear and try and fit in a short session at least once or twice – even if it’s just 15minutes, once I sweat to some degree I tend to feel better, and my skin certainly thanks me for it.

Travel Tips | The Daily Glow

I’ve learnt the hard way that eating a load of croissants and/or cakes in the departure lounge does not help me feel any better (especially if I’m flying for work), and sometimes it still happens…but the above tips do help minimise how sick I can feel, and definitely help me avoid that post-flight “look” with dehydrated skin and puffy eyes.  Have you found a way to resist the  temptation of the sugary pastries?  My schedule doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon, so I would to hear any advice you have for travelling or flying often.

Beauty sleep – how to get the most out of your night

An ever-so-slightly compulsive multitasker, I love being able to get things done while doing something else (clearly I’m aiming for “coolest person the year” 2017 to add to my 2016 accolade).  So breakfasts I can bake while I’m out running, or decent face masks that I can wear while flying (without freaking fellow passengers out – I mean the ones that look like moisturiser when they’re on) have a special place in my heart.  Following on from my non-resolution of getting up on time, while I am actually asleep, I like to get as much out of the hours after sunset as I can.

The Daily Glow - Sleep

Invest in silk
I have already mentioned how sleeping on your face can cause a number of wrinkle-related problems, and I am slowly managing to change from a regular face planter to a poised sleeping beauty (I hope). A silk pillowcase can reduce some of the face planting effects, and also promote frizz-free tresses. The number one question I’ve had in relation that entire post was where to get the pillow cases, so below is a list of some recommended suppliers. I bought both my eye mask (if you think eye masks are overrated, try a silk one before you really decide) and pillowcase in Australia a few years ago, so I haven’t tried any of them myself yet – these are recommendations from friends.

  • www.holisticsilk.com This is a pricey enough option (£55 plus delivery from the U.K.), but the designs of the eye masks are amazing – particularly good as presents for those people that literally have everything.
  • www.theethicalsilkco.com A bit more reasonably priced (€45, plus €6.50 delivery. Warning: they do a lot more than just pillowcases and eye masks, so you could be in very real danger “justifying” the delivery charge and buying right, left and centre – don’t say I didn’t warn you) and the company was founded by irishwoman Eva Power, if you like to buy Irish.
  • www.homestoreandmore.ie The cheapest of the lot (2 for €25) and also an Irish based purchase.

I have found a silk eye mask to be my best friend in the aforementioned sleeping on my back attempts – there is something in having my eyes covered that makes it just about okay to not burrow into the pillow as I doze off, so you may want to check out those too while you’re at it.

Update: I found my actual eye mask eye mask on amazon.co.uk – and it’s not going to break the bank.

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I tend to have gloves on for most of the working day, so I always come up short when it comes to drinking enough water.  Combine that with working in air conditioning or heating, sweating it out at the gym and having an active social life (aside from January – silly season got me again this year) and I am forever trying to hydrate.  Adequate water intake is crucial for clear skin and headache-free afternoons – in fact mild dehydration is said to be the number one cause of midday fatigue (not hunger, despite my stomach’s notions).  By the time you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, so trying to make a habit of drinking water rather than waiting for your body to remind you is the best way forward.  An American survey showed that 75% of the general population are chronically dehydrated.  Drinking later in the evening is sometimes inconvenient (I tried this, getting up in the middle of the night every couple of hours is not for me, but have a go if you really want to), so I’ve found one way around it is to bring a pint of water ) with me when going to bed (usually with a chlorophyll supplement in it, as in the photo below – Dublin City council’s water supply may not win awards, but it’s not green) – but leaving it to drink first thing in the morning instead. This way I feel like I’m not actually starting on a deficit, and am more likely to remember to drink water throughout the day.

The Daily Glow - hydrate

Overnight oats
This one saves my a€€ when I have not managed to get up on time, but still need to have breakfast (I always need breakfast, I am not a nice person without it).  I make it in a glass jar (or take away coffee cup – I hate buying coffee without my Keepcup, but sometimes I’m stuck and cave, so I always re-use them if possible) and usually take it with me, but you can make up a big batch for 2-3days and keep it in the fridge. You need:

  • Oats (gluten-free if needed)
  • Milk – I use almond milk as I try to keep dairy milk to a minimum because it affects my skin, but you can use whatever type you like.
  • Yoghurt – greek gives a really nice texture, and you don’t need a flavoured one unless you have a very sweet tooth. You can use soya or coconut for a vegan version.
  • Vanilla protein powder – I do use a dairy based one for this, simply because I have yet to find a vegan one that tastes remotely nice (any recommendations very welcome on this one!)
  • Frozen raspberries

Mix the oats, milk, yoghurt and protein powder to a bircher muesli type consistency. Add the raspberries, which will defrost overnight. You can add cinnamon, chopped walnuts, brazil nuts, blueberries or anything else that takes your fancy. I’ve made a number of different flavours, including “Pumpkin Pie” with puréed sweet potato, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger – which although delicious, was pretty time-consuming to make, so I tend to revert back to chopped banana (add in the morning – black banana oats its not so inviting, no matter how hungry you are) and walnuts, or raspberries and flaxseeds.

The Daily Glow - overnight oats

How do you make the most of your beauty sleep?  I would also love to hear any tips you have for better sleep – I’m a terrible insomniac at times, which makes most of the above null and void!