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    Butter and coffee – and mental clarity

    Bulletproof coffee has been a fad for a few years now – with its main presence of social media consisting of videos of butter being blended with coffee and coconut oil.  It has been claimed to promote weight loss, improve physical performance and seriously boost energy…but do any of these claims actually stack up? The original bulletproof recipe came from Dave Asprey, the bulletproof executive.  I started following Dave’s blog years ago, when he was experimenting with anything and everything that could make him more productive, and before his coffee recipe became a thing.  He has spent a serious amount of time and money trying out different sleep patterns, diets…

  • Supplements for glowing skin | The Daily Glow
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    The best supplements for glowing skin

    While I do try and follow a healthy diet for the most part (weekly Wow burger habit not withstanding), and I don’t believe you should be too reliant on supplements, there are a few things I find hard to get enough of solely from food – and really recommend for that added glow.  And, with Black Friday approaching, it’s not a bad time to stock up on them.   Fish oils and omega 3 So what’s the deal with the omegas?  Do you need 3, 6 and 9?  No. Omega 9 is not classed as an essential fatty acid (which means your body can make it from other things), but you do…

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    Free ways to improve your skin

    November is a funny month.  In between the “back-to-school-and-normal-life” feeling of September, and just before the festive season kicks of properly, it tends to be one of the quieter months of the year and one for saving or getting started on Christmas shopping (those of you who are so organised, I wish I could say I was one of you, I salute you).  Whichever way you look at it, it’s never really a “treat yo’self” or yolo month – so I’ve put together a list of ways you can get your glow back in time for the festive season, without spending a penny.   1.  Take your make up off,…

  • Are your hands giving you away? | The Daily Glow
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    Are your hands giving you away?

    Anti-ageing treatments and complaints about skin, and fine lines and wrinkles tend to be primarily focused on the face, and while this can certainly give your age away (while draining your confidence), another tell tale area can be just as obvious…but tends to get forgotten very easily – your hands. The skin on your hands may be thicker than that on your face (the delicate skin under your eye can be as thin as 0.3mm), but it tends to be subjected to far worse treatment, and can end up looking quite mismatched, especially if you’re taking good care of your face.  Just like your face, your hands are usually exposed…