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    How to manage stress

    Stress presents itself in countless ways – insomnia, headaches, nausea, general irritability and the inability to focus clearly.  None of these symptoms are particularly helpful in relieving the original stress, and sometimes the cause itself can be out of our hands – illness of of loved one, family drama, work colleagues or exams looming. Supporting yourself through times like this allows you to survive it, and hopefully come out stronger on the other side – with an new awareness of how you can recognise (and potentially avoid) a similar situation in the future.  Yoga, meditation, exercise and talking it through with someone you trust are all well-known methods for coping…

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    Gluten Free Granola

    I have discussed giving up wheat before, but this granola is gluten free by accident.  I was looking to make something that was going to fill me up until lunch time (not always possible from a breakfast on the go – I’m really an “eggs, toast, avocado and sides” girl at heart, even at 6am) and experimented with nuts in the hope that their high protein content would keep me going for the entire morning.  Like the porridge bread recipe, this is very simple and pretty hard to mess up – although chopping the nuts makes for a noisy preparation, so maybe no midnight baking with this one. Makes 2…