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    Inspire yourself – even if it’s still January

    January is nearly over, and 2017 is well and truly underway.  Despite my love of the fresh start that January brings (and I think that is the only thing I love about January), around now I usually find myself hitting a motivational slump, and all my goals for the year ahead seem far too ambitious, despite having another 11 months to go before the next round begins(the crying and wailing emojis would be appropriate here) . There are a variety of ways to boost motivation, such as inspirational quotes, visualisation and repeating positive affirmations to yourself.  Now these may all work very well for some people, and certainly when things are…

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    Why I became a yoga teacher

    Yoga is something I stumbled into by accident.  After a recommendation from a nutritionist, I delved into it on and off for years, never really understanding the passion some people professed for it.  But as time went on, and my stress levels and back pain increased, yoga became more and more attractive. Last year I finally decided I had to commit to it, that just like everything else in life – you get back what you put in, and I was never going to become a full blown yogi (and experience all the alleged benefits) by mistake.  So I signed up for  yoga teacher training, hoping that someone else holding…

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    Beauty sleep – how to get the most out of your night

    An ever-so-slightly compulsive multitasker, I love being able to get things done while doing something else (clearly I’m aiming for “coolest person the year” 2017 to add to my 2016 accolade).  So breakfasts I can bake while I’m out running, or decent face masks that I can wear while flying (without freaking fellow passengers out – I mean the ones that look like moisturiser when they’re on) have a special place in my heart.  Following on from my non-resolution of getting up on time, while I am actually asleep, I like to get as much out of the hours after sunset as I can. Invest in silk I have already…

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    Yoga for glowing skin – 3 simple postures

    Yoga is touted with many benefits, and I personally find it amazing for de-stressing and clearing my mind, but can it really help improve your skin?  In a word, yes.  Stress wreaks havoc on your skin, so anything that reduces this can relieve all the awful things it produces – sleepless nights, stress hormones, weight gain etc, etc.  There are postures that boost blood flow, improve digestion and stimulate the thyroid – all contributing to glowing skin.   Seated spinal twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana) Yoga twists are recommended for digestion and detoxing, and also help strengthen back muscles and open the chest.  This posture is a simple, straightforward one suitable for…

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    How to get up on time – even if you’re not a morning person

    Despite my protests about New Year’s resolutions, getting up early (or at least on time) is a challenge I’ve set for myself this January – and yes, I am well aware I picked the worst month possible, by a long shot.  As a previous early riser, I used to hop out of the bed without even considering the snooze button, for years (and yes, I did feel ridiculously smug about it, all a distant memory now).  Over the last couple of years, due to a combination of work scheduling, illness and just general life-being-messy, I seem to have lost this very, very useful ability (ditto the smugness).  I have the…

  • new year's resolutions - why you don't need to detox
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    New Year’s Resolutions: You don’t need to detox

    What is it about our future selves that we are so optimistic will be different from our current selves?  Why, oh why, do I think “January me” will be so much more attracted to exercise and healthy food than “December me” and am annually shocked that I am not magically enthusiastic after NYE?  I mean, considering that “January me” is the direct result of everything “December me” ate and drank, my expectation should be quite the opposite. If this harsh realisation has also dampened your healthy resolutions (again!), you’re most definitely not alone – despite your instagram feed being overloaded with #detox, #healthy and #newyearnewme.  “Detoxing” as a process has…

  • wheat free bread: porridge bread
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    A recipe for wheat free bread

    I started 2017 by sleeping through midnight and dosing myself up with cough syrup and paracetamol, due to being the 7th person I know to go under with the flu…not exactly hitting the ground running like I had planned.  So while I’m eating all the chocolate that’s left in the house (how else is it going to disappear so I can start this “new year, new me” sh*te?), I decided to bake some porridge bread to keep me on the somewhat straight and narrow for the rest of the week. There are numerous “porridge bread” recipes out there, as a quick Google search will show, however this is the one my dad…